Nick Bride

Naam: Nick Bride

I have been a client of PTKH (Personal Training Kevin Hoeymakers) for over a year. In that time Kevin has excelled in
being professional in conduct, knowledgeable in craft and customer oriented in service.

Professionally Kevin is organized, demonstrates forward planning for training programs and presents himself well. In his Personal Training sessions he incorporates knowledge beyond exercise to integrate the underlying systems of the body, psychological challenges and life issues such as nutrition, work and other recreational practices. Finally he is customer oriented through personalized goal setting, program design and adaptability to changing circumstances around the training arrangement.

Further to this, as an English speaker I have found Kevin has proven very capable of instructing in English and a demonstrated appreciation and accommodation of the cultural differences that underlie language. From my experience I can recommend Kevin as a personal trainer that will deliver results and a professional experience for his clients.



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